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Entering the Museum of London to see the Sherlock Holmes exhibition. The first exhibition in London about Sherlock Holmes for ov.

But I won’t

But I won’t

Supernatural summarized by Crowley

Bombay Cat - Bombay Cat  Photo

Beautiful black cat, Black cats are considered LUCKY, by many cultures, I have had four over the years and they have brought great love, companionship and joy into my life. I don't feel just lucky to encounter a Black cat I feel privileged.

Sherlock. Is it a glock? Looks like a glock... Glocks don't have safeties... the lack of firearm respect and responsible practice on TV bewilders me.

"Wouldn't anyone click the safety before pointing a gun to their best friend's head? I would, it's only the right thing to do. Makes me want to go back and watch it right NOW!