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iPhone 5 Bumper printed by 3D printer

iPhone 5 Bumper printed by printer

3D Stripes Bumper | Best cases

Wallet cases for Highly hard plastic New design,nontoxic,washable Blister package logo printing,OEM/ODM

Incredible that in the span of 34 years humans have been able to revolutionize the way to interact with technology. I think this photo does a great job in illustrating how far we have come in the information age. The photo shows how easy it is to store information now and that it is easily accessible at $11. The best part about this is that technology will seemingly only get better.

1979 Hard Drive vs 2013 MicroSD - This picture depicts two memory drives which are 34 years different in age. It provides us with an idea of how far we have come in terms of technology. How much smaller can we possibly go?