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Love the chevron style pattern used throughout and the bright colors.

Viewpoints  Probably 90% of all photos taken are shot from eye level. There are lots of good reasons to choose a low or high shooting angle. Follow our guide to varying viewpoints for tips on viewpoints to shoot low and how to utilize viewpoint to photograph from up high.

Photography Viewpoints and Camera Angles

Osmosis (c) Alvin Booth

Osmosis by Alvin Booth

Creative Photography by Olga Zavershinskaya

She wears the cone of shame in order to make her cat feel less conspicuous. Kind of like when classmates shave their heads in solidarity with their fellow student who has cancer.==Theatre of the Absurd, Olga Zavershinskaya.

Exemplary Conceptual Photography

Mirror Mirror black at night no no Mirror Mirror light shine bright.No no Mirror Mirror , ugh. Mirror Mirror in the hall of memoir dances a reflection button noses and eyebrows

Idea for a photoshopped image inside an image.

New York. Charlie has been to New York many times but he can't get enough of it. The city vibes and hustle and bustle brings out the best in him.

Conceptual Photography by Mega Christine

I thougt the different aspects of the picture morphed together was really cool.

John Stezaker / The Age of Collage / #Gestalten

John Stezaker - Stezaker also experiments with using locations of country and mountains etc to overlay onto portraits.

Bryan Durushia, mysterious surreal portraits of faceless men -

Bryan Durushia, mysterious surreal portraits of faceless men - Ego - AlterEgo

Lancia TrendVisions - Trendwall

- Media idea - Fragments - I could take multiple photos, reassemble them and then draw/paint/other mixed media in the shapes - portraits + people