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Some professional photographers may argue that there is a proper way or proper technique when holding your camera. I say that how you hold your camera makes a statement about you and your personality; maybe even your outlook on life. Now there very well may be proper technique on how to hold your camera; but it is waaay more entertaining to see how many different ways you can do it.

Is there a wrong way to hold a camera? I know i do a lot of the rock concert and risk taker.mom's the jazz hands!

portrait_lighting_setups.jpg (3000×4242)

24 Portrait Lighting Setups [Cheat Sheet] via

p o o l. X -by ho1gersson- I love this! I had to look at it for a while before I understood everything in this picture.

hippies-like-us: “ light-blue-smurf: “ People Art Gallery Exciting Photo Illusions ” The swimming pool temporarily effed me up.

Good for Me more #photography in back and white at http://www.indetails.com/1221/black-and-white-photography/

Union Station Hotel, Nashville, Tennessee, USA, photo by Thomas Hawk.

Color Splash Art | Landscape, Art, Nature, Color Splash, Photography, Keefers photo d8f1 ...

hint of color photography

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Why is intuition superior to reason? Because it does not depend upon experience or memory and frequently brings about the solution to our problems by methods concerning which we are in entire ignorance.


Little blonde girl in a scarf-beautiful child


Bad weather cannot make a bad photo. beautiful family photo at the beach in the fog


Art and photography such as this can have a big impact on society. Photographs like these allow people to realize the kind of destruction of our environment is happening. This picture is also an example of a clear cut deforestation technique where all tre


It seems to be on a whim, but Jared pulls out a lighter. He holds a Lunar Government flag in front of him. He strikes the lighter and a bright flame blossoms from it. He holds the flame to the flag. It crumbles to black dust in his hand.