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a woman sitting next to a swimming pool with a drink in her hand
Waking Up in Outrigger Beach Resort, Fiji
a bottle of neova advanced eye makeup remover on top of a white box
My Go-To Lighting Technique I Use to illuminate My Hero Shots 😳🤭
This hero shot was done with a two-light setup. To create this dramatic portrait with a cinematic feel. I placed a light on each side of the product, so the lights and product are roughly on a straight line then, meter the lights so both of them illuminate the product equally also while giving a nice separation between the product and the background thereby making the product stand out more. Want to know more? 🤔 📩 Email us at info@calabalacreative.com
a house decorated for mardi gras with decorations
an outdoor patio with tables and umbrellas next to a water fountain surrounded by greenery
classic courtyard in the French Quarter | the Original Green | Steve Mouzon
the shadow of two people holding wine glasses in front of a cement wall and floor
a pink and green carpeted hallway with a handbag on top of the floor
9 Perfect Palm Print Pieces - Gal Meets Glam
an old building with plants on the balconies and wrought iron fence around it
Garden district
Garden district. New Orleans. USA
two white wicker chairs and a small table with a hat on it
four people holding wine glasses in the air with their hands on top of each other
Poolside Summertime Rosé Wine Glasses Clink
two people are sitting in the water with wine glasses on their feet and one is holding a snake's tail