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a woman sitting in the snow with her legs crossed and wearing a beanie hat
a woman laying in the snow wearing a hat and scarf with her arms spread out
Woman lying on the snow containing winter, snow, and woman
a woman wearing a hat and scarf with her eyes closed while laying in the snow
Snow heart in hands of a woman featuring woman, love, and winter
This holidays stock photo created by Buyanskyy includes a 5184 x 3456 px JPG perfect for projects featuring snowball, heart, and wish.
a man carrying a child on his back while standing in the snow with trees behind him
two women standing in the snow looking at a child
Фотограф Мария Струтинская. @strutinskayamariya
Фотосессия в лесу, семейная съемка в лесу, зимняя фотосессия, идея для зимней съемки, позы для фотосессии, одежда для зимней съемки, красивая семья, идеи для фотосессии зимой, фотограф Нижний Новгород, позы для съемки с ребенком, обучение фотографии, lifestyle, одежда для фотосессии, съемка малыша.