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an image of a painting that looks like it is in the middle of some water
Moonrise, La Giudecca, Venice by JMW Turner, 1829 watercolor painting
the interior of an old cathedral with people walking around
WILLIAM TURNER Westminster Abbey Leinwand Bild Giclée Druck Premium Qualität
William Turner, St. Erasmus in Bishop Islip’s Chapel Westminster, 1796
A Good Thing Happened Navi A Vela, Old Sailing Ships, Sailing Vessel, Lukisan Cat Air, Tall Ships
A Good Thing Happened
a painting of sheep laying in the grass under a tree with other animals around it
The Farm, Morning, 1893 - Henri-Edmond Cross -
The Farm, Morning - Henri-Edmond Cross - 1985
a painting of a woman holding her hair in front of her face and looking into the distance
Henri-Edmond Cross, The Hair, 1892
a painting of trees and buildings on a hill with blue sky in the background metal print
Henri Edmond Cross – Bio and Artwork of the French Painter - Artlex
Cypress Trees at Cagnes, 1908- Henri Edmond Cross (1856-1910). Poitillism
a painting of people dancing in front of an amusement park with flags flying above them
Henry Edmond Cross, "At the Fair", 1896
Henry Edmond Cross, "At the Fair", 1896
a painting of a boat in front of a large building
Le Palais Contarini (C Monet - W 1767)
Claude Monet - Palazzo Contarini, Venedig, 1908 - One of my personal favorites
two water lilies floating on top of a body of water
Water lilies by Claude Monet
two women in a field with red flowers
Poppies blooming detail ~ Claude Monet. Always loved this one for some reason. I think it's the mood and colors.
an artistic painting with birds and fish on it
British Museum on Twitter
A detail from Nebamun's tomb
a drawing of a spider with its eyes closed
A French print of a spider with a human face, 1887
an animal head with antlers on it
Sacred Traditions of the Himalayas
“Sacred Traditions of the Himalayas,” on view through June 14, 2015, examines the widespread production of portable works of art that either traveled with Buddhist monks and teachers or were presented as offerings at temples and pilgrimage sites. | Stag mask, late 19th or early 20th century. Tibet. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Gift of Mrs. Edward A. Nis, 1934 (34.80.3i) #SacredTraditions #AsianArt100