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I love Mark Sheppard. On the scale of Mark Sheppard to Misha Collins how weird are you in photos?---I would say like Jared.>>> freakin Misha I'm the goofball making faces in serious photos

"HEY! ASSBUTT!" "Castiel, did you just molotov my brother... with holy fire?" "Uh... no..." #Supernatural

I tried hard not to laugh, but I couldn't not laugh. Castiel is the weirdest combination of jaded and naive I've ever seen. (Supernatural: Dean, Sam, and Castiel) omg his mouth im dying

Supernatural Signs. Very cool! These would be awesome on a t-shirt or even one as a tattoo! :D -- I want to get the anti possession sign tattoos

Supernatural Signs, I would totally get the anti-possession as a tattoo!< as soon as I reach the age when my parents wouldn't kill me for getting a tattoo. And old enough to buy a tattoo. And old enough to get a car to drive to the tattoo place.