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three markers are next to a drawing of a crescent moon with mountains and trees on it
Thanks for watching me draw and the questions. Let’s do it... (STEEL BISON)
Thanks for watching me draw and the questions. Let’s do it...
harry styles first red carpet appearance as a singer and his first red carpet appearance as an actor
Aww see like I think he is hot and all, but u also think he and the rest of 1D r the best Hero's. They saved me and many others. And so they r like really really attractive roll models. I am proud of an that's for sure
Aha I can't One Direction Quotes, Cute One Direction, 1d Funny, Direction Quotes, One Direction Photos, 1d And 5sos
We Heart It
Aha I can't
At least one of them is almost 20 One Direction Videos, Humour, Lirry Stayne, British Boys
At least one of them is almost 20
a person sitting in front of a laptop computer with a quote on the screen that says, in la about 3 months ago, harry had a
#one direction on Tumblr
the thing I love is Harry didn't tell anyone. Don't you dare tell me the fame has gone to his head...the paparazzi want to do a story on his "girlfriends" and how he is "womanizer" but they don't want to cover this amazing, kind act that he has done!
the queen and prince are talking to each other
She's part of the 1D family .... I'M ROYALTY :)
two young men standing next to each other in front of a building with a quote on it
Lml ohh Niall ^.^
a woman sitting at a desk with her head in her hands and another person behind her
Me. Or when someone mentions 5 seconds.
several pictures of the same person with different expressions
two men are posing for the camera and one is holding his hand up to his face
Uhmm so basically...
Good thing my case is waterproof. Not that I'm crying or anything.