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a bunch of rolled up yoga mats with the words floral mesh on it for sale
Ribbon, Deco Mesh, Tulle Fabric, Accent Signs and Much More | BBCrafts
BB Crafts. Best prices for wholesale fabric, ribbon, & more!!!
halloween fabric patterns with the words, just released and only $ 50 each
I love these new Halloween fabrics from Connecting Threads. Their site is great because they show all the suggested coordinating fabrics to go with it as well, and that really helps me put the right fabrics together. Can't beat their prices at $5.96 per yard.
a woman holding shopping bags with the words yard sale on it and an advertisement for the store
Shop Amazon.com | Fabric
One of my favorite online fabric stores - has a HUGE inventory of fabrics of EVERY kind, all at great prices and there is always a good sale on something everyday.
a green button with four holes on it
I've found button heaven at corozobuttons.com
top 12 sites to find cheap craft supplies online
Top 12 Sites to Find Cheap Craft Supplies Online
Top 12 Sites to Find Cheap Craft Supplies Online...so many sites I've never heard of! So great for all crafting needs!
several wooden knobs stacked on top of each other
FREE Downloadable Catalog
Wood pieces of all kinds.
a metal wire basket hanging from the ceiling on a white background with clippings
Copper Brushed Rectangular Mesh with Swing Handle The Lucky Clover Trading Co.
Awesome website, inexpensive baskets, bins and trays. One of my new faves!
three empty glass bottles with corks on the top and bottom one has a cork in it
8oz. Apothecary Bottles (12 Pack)
I must remember to shop at this site when preparing homemade gifts! CHEAP craft supplies and containers and gifts from candles to bird cages! $1.29
many tins are stacked on top of each other
Ready to Alter Tins
many different beads and necklaces are on display
My Visit To Rings & Things Bead Show Philly
My Visit To Rings & Things Bead Show Philly - check it out!
many different colored plastic toys are in the shape of flowers and butterflies, with peace signs on them
Buy Retro Love Beads 1/2lb Bag at S&S Worldwide
Retro Love Beads 1/2lb Bag
This website has a large variety of jewelry making tools. Metal Jewellery, Wire Jewellery, Jewelry Making Tools, Jewelry Tools, Wire Jewelry
Contenti Jewelry Making Tools | Contenti
This website has a large variety of jewelry making tools.
a roll of burlocked jute sitting on top of a white table
Fabric & Ribbon
Cheap website for craft materials. $11 for 30 yds of burlap
the clear acrylic 10mm bulbs are all different sizes
Momma and her 2 girls offer Handcrafted Gifts and DYI Supplies
Clear Acrylic 10mm