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Phobs is a comic illustrator from Russia who’s very popular in deviantart. Phobs works in mixed media and his lineart, sketches and style makes his drawings unique and beautiful.

phobs-heh: Guardians of the Childhood BOOK SPOILER…Alert? Don’t worry,not a Rise of the Guardians movie spoiler alert. Pitch and his daughter. Because their backstory is sad as hell ;


Garlan Lavellan, Amelia’s little brother. He joins his sister in the Inquisition soon after he discovers where she is. They’re super close. He likes the color blue and he’s a knight enchanter.

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She is a little girl found by the captain of “The Pride of Lions” on a desert island. No one knows how she arrived there or how she survived, she doesn’t even talk! But it seems that the kid has managed pretty well until now. The crew decided to.