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“Eat, Sleep, Who” Doctor Who T-Shirt | Men's, Women's, and Kid's Sizes from Boots Tees.

This funny Doctor Who T-Shirt with Eat, Sleep and "Travel through space and time" icons was made with Whovian fans in mind. Put on this sci-fi geek tee and show your love for the Doctor(s). It makes a great gift for sci fi fans and lovers of geek TV.

*aggressively tries to get caught up because I joined the party late but I'm SO HYPED FOR 13*

I love Capaldi so much. 12 is my favorite Doctor and I'm going to miss him like crazy. It's going to be so sad when he regenerates. But I'm also pretty excited about going on some new adventures with

So ready for this!

Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor Doctor Who © BBC A response to the hugely exciting costume reveal.

The 13th Doctor!

The 13th Doctor!

Haha! Awesome!

In case of emergency: Sonic screwdriver and psychic paper. Preferable to a fire extinguisher any day. I 'd probably break this before there ever was an emergency