I love the little girl in despicable me she's so adorable!! :)))) <333

I love Despicable Me! I've only watched the first one so far and the second one kinda sucked and the minion movie will probably drain the life out of the franchise entirely, but I still love me some minions!

sometimes I forget which minions pictures I have posted. But then I think, "that's okay because you can never have too many minions!"

14 Reasons Minions Should Actually Exist


Villains I despise: Minions are the true villains. They're not really funny. They are billions of clones talking about bananas. Their movie is downright.

Which minion are you most like? I got Bob!

Which Minion Are You?

Watch the new 'Minions' official trailer for the upcoming comic adventure starring the voice of Sandra Bullock.

o.m.g.....I think this is one of my favorite pictures of the minions ever!!!

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