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coυldn'т вe мore proυd oғ тнeм. тнey've coмe ѕo ғar, and ι can'т waιт тo ѕee wнere тнe ғυтυre тaĸeѕ тнeм. х jυѕт aѕĸ ιғ yoυ wanт тo вe ιnvιтed :)x-aв
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Done but on the wrong board XD

"This took me 13 minutes but I did it and then I kept pinning it in the wrong boards<<< 3 seconds flat"-previous pinners

Pretty sure I cried while seeing this

The evolution of that's okay I didn't need my heart anyway

Repin for Mikey like for Zayn

I hate this. You can't compare Zayn to Michael Clifford. I hate Michael so much. Zayn looks so much better than Michael. Michael is Walmart.

luke and his best friend a penguin

hmmm maybe you should have stayed in school instead of joining a pop punk band *laughs hysterically off a cliff* <<< I'm crying wtf


5 Seconds of Summer will release their new album Sounds Good Feels Good on 23 October.

Luke as Luke

13 Celebs Who Totally Got Dressed Up For "Star Wars: The Force Awakens"

18 Reasons Why 5 Seconds Of Summer Looks So Perfect

♛we are the kings & the queens of the new broken scene♔

We don't ship it as a romance but they're pretty freakin cute as a bromance❤️

the song that I can relate to the most is Broken Home the first time I listened to the song it brought me to tears it brought me back to when I was younger & when my family was having problems this song brought back all those memories the lyrics are so meaningful & has so much meaning to it everytime I listen to it I just can't help but cry what I went through was so painful I thought that no one would understand me I felt alone I had no one I felt like no one cared about me I've never…

This song breaks my heart and brings back memories of my earlier childhood