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Animals are NOT food! Go vegan. Learn reverence for life. Take a stand against exploitation.

Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. Go vegan. Learn reverence for life. Take a stand against exploitation.

Dairy supports the veal industry by taking male calfs away from the mother at birth and confining them to small crates to create "tender" beef and the mother is exploited for her milk. Dairy-free is easy now with soy, almond, hemp, hazelnut and oat milks, and a delightful variety of artisan vegan cheeses, as well as Daiya or Follow Your Heart for sandwiches and pizza. Green leafy vegetables, almonds and black strap molasses all contain calcium.

Babies like this little one die so that their mothers' milk (which is for THEM, not us) can be used by humans. NOTHING can justify this.

not your mother not your milk #vegan

Drinking milk and consuming dairy products not only contributes to the rape of cows, but also to the veal industry. Unwanted male offspring are used for veal.

vegan: ironic

"A dead cow lying in the pasture is recognized as a rotting corpse, but the same carcass hung up in a butcher shop passes as food.

Pro vegan: I am not telling you what to eat. I am telling you whom I defend, and enourgage you to go vegan

There's a difference bw imposing on your rights VS simply asking you to stop imposing the rights of others. Dont talk about your right to live as you please when you dont give animals that same choice.