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Game of Elves

someone who looks good on that hideous looking throne. Thranduil on the Game of Throne's' throne, if that makes sense

I hate everybody.

loriendesse: “headcanon that this is young Thranduil being summoned to the throne room by Oropher "dad what is it this time?

Rapunzel 2 :)

Rapunzel 2 :)


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(GIF not mine) Imagine that upon first meeting Thranduil, a dignitary within his court speaks of you with condescension and insults you heavily in Sindarin.

Yes, it's you... :)

Thranduil census 2016 bellevox: “ @ @ lovaholic-robotronic @ nunthy @ a-fandom-freak-and-proud @ atheistbarbie @ katthepuppy @ sigigis @ @ fulltimeelf

Those eyes!!!

Those eyes!!!