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Ashley, she is a royal blood vampire . She can bend light so she can be in the sun . She is very smart and nice<<< um excuse me thats Akame from Akame ga Kill

Digimon I Matt Gabumon

Digimon Adventure Tri: Yamato (Matt) with Gabumon's Evolutions (Punimon-Tsunomon-Gabumon-Garurumon-Wargarurumon-Metalgarurumon)

Digimon Adventure Tri, Sora, Monsters, The Beast

Metalgarurumon fire

Metalgarurumon fire Photo: Character designs from Digimon adventure. Character designs are good references for fan artist and cosplayers.

MetalGarurumon, WarGreymon, Omnimon

"Part WarGreymon, part MetalGarurumon.they digivolve together to become - OMNIMON!