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You've been warned...

You've been warned. now back away slowly while I finish this chapter. Exactly how I feel whine kids are loud in class after the teacher specifically said "Silent reading "

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It took me 5 days to read a book that was like 600 pages. It takes me days to read a book that's pages! I hate when people say books are "so long" and then your just like "Seriously? Have you ever read Harry Potter?

If this isnt me. Ive ran out of space on my bookself and now i have like 5 or 6 books just laying on the coffee table bc i have no where to put them. I finished the first three so now i just gotta finish the rest.

I just finish one of the dozen books on my night stand when I pass a bookstore and suddenly six more are on there! << For me the best thing is, that near my school there's a bookstore and i be like: Fuck.

Oh please.

One time some people in my class were getting really surprised cause this one guy finished a book in 5 days, and since I'm quiet I was just sitting in the corner like, I finish books like that in a day