Heyyo!^^ I'm silly anime/manga fan girl^^ I trying to draw Mangas :) I'm stranger in Manga/anime draw°^°
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Yup... Talk crap about me even if im in the same room.

For reals tho. My parents talk about me like I don't still live with them and like I can't hear them. Can't tell you how many times I have cried about this. I RELATE TO THIS EVERYDAY! only my mom though.

Boy...if you don't stop your creeping, you may just lose your eyes.

Once there was a girl on the bus that wouldn't stop looking at my phone while I was playing Mystic Messenger😂 and whenever I looked up to look out of the window, she would stare at me. It was really awkward.

I get the weirdest looks from my friends...haha it's actually quite funny to see their reaction to my fangirl moments but they can't judge cuz they have their fangirl moments too :)

I promise to be as stable as I can be with you. Unless you insult one of my many fandoms, then say your goodbyes ^_^ (lol, jk XD)