Thank you. Thank you All Time Low, 5SOS, Paul McCartney, One Direction, and countless others.

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Hello! This is Haenuli, I am a fashion designer who owns a small brand and also an artist. My biggest hobby is drawing and doing creative stuff, but I didn't expect so many support with some of my drawings! Hope you like my drawings. When I visited the Paris Orsay museum, I saw many paintings but one old painting by Marianne Stoke (Young girl and the angel of death), that was Death-like; stood out to me.

Death-Inspired Love Comics That I Create To Cope With My Depression

zoopbooploop: “ inspredwood: “ margothsheart: “by Haenuli Shin ” Date a skeleton ” ”

Like it's is nearly and I'm still in bed bc I can't drag myself out from under that heavy feeling and face the day. So I lay here feeling guilty that I'm not more than I am.

"Get out of my head!" I scream as I fall to the ground from the pain in my head. "Why are you so afraid of trusting people? Are you afraid of all your secrets spilling out? Well guess what darling, I now know all of them"

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