November issue for Vogue Ilatia / Michelangelo di Battista’s beauty shoot starring Charlotte Benson. Outfitted by Alice Gentilucci / makeup artist Lloyd Simmonds in Cat Eyes. / Hair by Tomohiro Ohashi


Bright yellow bikes with a basket full of flowers? Looks like the perfect bike to us! This bicycle is so cute and old school! We love the big basket!

✿⊱ Yellow **

She Made Dessert: "Edible Indian Sunshine, also known as mango and coconut ice cream.using coconut heavy cream and stevia

MUSEUM OF ICE CREAM IN LOS ANGLES, CALIFORNIA BY ARTIST UNKNOWN. Two Bananas Art represents the artwork of Richard Neuman. Amazingly banana paintings, sculptures, signs, banana anything all exist somewhere. Just for fun, I have included creative images of the yellow fruit. May you find them appealing:) Now pick through Pinterest pins of “Bananas As Art” which have impressed me most. SEE MORE BANANAS AS ART NOW....

LA’s New Museum of Ice Cream Is the Coolest

#Macarons #YELLOW

#DGVenezia: Spring/Summer 2018 eyewear collection

Lemon Macaroons… the lemon curd buttercream filling in these is to die for.

Colors | Yellow

YELLOW is a sparkling and cheerful color like the reflection of the sun, the yellow announces a sunny day full of surprises and promises. These colors formerlry