I love 5 Seconds Of Summer so much and they have come so far. I couldn't be prouder of these four boys. Just ask if you want to be invited. -Megan ❤️
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Haha yeah but depends on the song and if I give two shits at the particular moment

I was listening to on the bus and I was doing exactly this and people were staring but hey it you can't hate while you got SLSP blasting in your ears

c a k e

Kind of random but I've seen a lot of post about depression and stuff and ill…

Well, Calum girls are winning in life.<<<< while Mikey girls get a truck XP

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5 Seconds Of Summer on

So I Have seen this picture a few Times now, and every single time I have to look twice bc i keep thing that Ashton is Luke. AM I The only one who is having this problem? Took me a second to realise who was who.

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Why Calum? Why?

Why Calum? Why?