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EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING!!! I love Whouffle!!!<3 ------whouffle_boo's photo on Instagram

Seriously though? I never understood why. He sure didn't have a hard time denying Donna, but.then again eleven really a completely different person with identical memories.

OHHH!!!  Rose Ten Harry Potter

I'm sorry, but ten was always up front about his Potter fandom, Ron and Hermione naming their daughter Rose in NOT the only reason he cried. All Potter heads cried.

David Tennant.

I love that David Tennant is the most popular because he showed the true characteristics of the doctor and it was his life long dream. I love the other guys who played the doctor because its the same man technically but David tennant was brilliant:)

So cute :)

I think it's the teacher in me talking but I love this! Putting yourself eye level with a child shows you respect them as people! He truly is an adorable man!