Healthy Breakfast Options

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Try these delicious healthy breakfasts! All of these nutritious options are great to start your morning. Be sure to pin your favorite healthy breakfast recipes!

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These banana chocolate chip breakfast cookies are such a a tasty breakfast treat! Enjoy these healthy breakfast cookies - which have more protein than your average cookie - on busy school mornings or when you're running out the door to work!

Banana Chocolate Chip Breakfast Cookies

These high protein chocolate chip cookies are so healthy, you can enjoy them for breakfast everyday!

This blueberry pancake yogurt parfait is such a fun way to start your day! This kid friendly breakfast is a combination of their favorite - pancakes! - with a healthy yogurt parfait that includes blueberries and chia seeds. This is such an easy and delicious breakfast idea.

Blueberry Pancake Yogurt Parfait

Today is National Blueberry Pancake Day. Yup, it's a thing! As you probably already know, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. If you skip it, your more likely to have an increased appetite and an increase in cravings the rest of the day. Not to

These meal prep egg muffins are perfect for busy mornings, like during back to school time or the holiday season! Made with just four ingredients, these are easy to throw together and reheat for a protein-packed healthy breakfast. (sponsored)

Meal Prep Egg Muffins

Can you believe it’s already back–to-school time? I feel like summer just started, but here we are already planning for the first day back. Joey officially starts preschool this fall, which is exciting and a little upsetting all at the same time. I can’t believe how big he is

These raspberry yogurt breakfast cookies are delicious - and only pack in 40 calories each! Made with just 6 ingredients, this is truly an easy breakfast cookie recipe. It's also a great way to use raspberries if you have a bunch and are looking for something unique to do with them. Easy Delicious Recipes, Good Healthy Recipes, Healthy Snacks For Kids, Yummy Snacks, Raspberry Breakfast, Yogurt Breakfast, Breakfast Cookie Recipe, Cookie Recipes, Healthy Breakfast Options

40 Calorie Breakfast Cookies

When you're craving a sweet treat but don't want the sugar rush, try these Raspberry Yogurt Cookies! They're filling, simple and fun to make and work for quick breakfasts or delicious snacks.

These 8 healthy yogurt recipes will have you looking at this ingredient in a new way! From yogurt pancakes to yogurt popsicles, check out all these delicious healthy yogurt ideas. Easy Delicious Recipes, Yummy Food, Pinterest Recipes, Pinterest Food, Yogurt Recipes, Diet Recipes, Yogurt Pancakes, Healthy Breakfast Options, Healthy Yogurt

8 Healthy Yogurt Recipes

Eight top nutritionists share their favorite healthy breakfast hacks from From smoothies, to pancakes, to muffins, and everything in between.

This high protein donut is the ultimate healthy dessert recipe!  Who doesn't love a delicious homemade chocolate donut that is also nutritious? Healthy Junk Food, Healthy Family Meals, Healthy Snacks, Easy Delicious Recipes, Healthy Dessert Recipes, Yummy Food, Protein Donuts, High Protein, Pinterest Food

High Protein Donut

A few weeks ago I was shopping at the grocery store with Joey in tow. He just loves grocery shopping, especially the produce section. He gets so excited when he sees a fruit or vegetable he loves that he typically starts cheering for them, which makes for quite a

Meal prep breakfast burritos are easy to make and perfect for a healthy breakfast option! You can store them in the refrigerator or you can turn these into a freezer breakfast recipe and pull them out later as needed. You'll love these make ahead breakfast burritos! (sponsored) Make Ahead Breakfast Burritos, Healthy Breakfast Options, Make Ahead Meals, Freezer Meals, Egg Burrito, Delicious Food, Refrigerator, Crock Pot, Meal Prep

Meal Prep Breakfast Burritos

This on-the-go egg burrito recipe is the perfect "make-ahead" meal option the whole family will enjoy.

These peanut butter pancakes taste even better with a grape juice syrup! It's a classic take on peanut butter and jelly. Try these PB Healthy Breakfast Options, Best Breakfast Recipes, Breakfast Smoothies, Breakfast Dishes, Best Pancake Recipe, Pancake Recipes, Vegan Recipes Easy, My Recipes, Low Calorie Pancakes

Peanut Butter and Jelly Pancakes

My Recipe for the Welch's Recipe Contest I was thrilled to be asked to participate in Welch’s Recipe Contest looking for family-friendly recipes by RDs. I love Welch’s 100% Grape Juice and was brainstorming ways to incorporate it into recipes other than the typical smoothie or popsicle. And then

Mini crustless quiche bites are great for a healthy brunch recipe to add to your menu! And bonus - this healthy quiche recipe results in each mini quiche being only 20 calories each! Healthy Breakfast Options, Healthy Brunch, Quick And Easy Breakfast, Good Healthy Recipes, Quiche Recipes, Brunch Recipes, Mini Breakfast Quiche, Healthy Quiche, Food Words

Mini Crustless Quiche

Looking for a quick and easy breakfast that is high in protein as well as low in calories? Or are you looking for a way to sneak in vegetables to the diet of your picky eater? This recipe works for it all! It takes less than 5 minutes to

Whole grain french toast puts a healthy spin on the classic french toast breakfast recipe! You and your kids will love this easy french toast recipe. Healthy Breakfast Options, Delicious Breakfast Recipes, Good Healthy Recipes, Make French Toast, Morning Food, Spin, French Food, Classic, Easy

Whole Grain French Toast

French toast is an easy way to help boost your little one’s protein and whole grain intake. Instead of the traditional recipe, substitute white or French bread for 100% whole grain bread. You can also sprinkle fresh fruit such as sliced bananas or fresh berries on top for an

Slow-Roasted Cherry Tomatoes & Burrata Bruschetta Recipe for Brunch Burrata Cheese, Caprese Salad, Roasted Cherry Tomatoes, Healthy Breakfast Options, Brunch Recipes, My Favorite Food, Vegetarian Recipes, Cooking, Vegetarische Rezepte

Slow-Roasted Cherry Tomatoes & Burrata Bruschetta | Cooking with Bry

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3 hours

Toasted burschetta with garlic, slow-roasted tomatoes, burrata cheese and basil is a fresh and vibrant interpretation of the classic caprese salad.

These homemade protein bars are incredibly delicious - no protein powder necessary! They're the perfect healthy snack recipe for adults and kids. Easy Delicious Recipes, Good Healthy Recipes, Healthy Snacks For Kids, Yummy Snacks, Whole Food Recipes, Snack Recipes, Dessert Recipes, Yummy Food, Protein Snacks

Homemade Protein Bars

These copycat protein bars are the perfect homemade protein bar option - easy to make, packed full of protein and fiber, and cost way less than the store brands

These peanut butter banana pancakes are so delicious! This is a great way to add extra flavor to boxed pancake mix. Try this peanut butter pancake recipe today! Peanut Butter Pancakes, Banana Pancakes, Peanut Butter Banana, Healthy Breakfast Options, Natural Peanut Butter, Morning Food, Recipe Today, A Food, Food Processor Recipes

Peanut Butter Banana Pancakes

Just the name makes your mouth water – right? These are amazing and good for you too! I came up with these as an easy way to squeeze more protein and healthy fats into Joey’s diet. He loves peanut butter, but the stickiness of it turns him off at