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HISTORY IN IMAGES: Pictures Of War, History , WW2: Waffen SS: WW2 Elite Highly Motivated Fighting Machine (LARGE IMAGES)

Emblems of the various Waffen SS divisions, notice the Skull and Bones Society logo of GW Bush, whose father, Preston Bush, was a member of the Nazi SS in hmmmmm?


What can you do with long pants you have outgrown? This idea is also useful if your bag broke apart and you need a carry on while you are traveling.

Red Fox on Behance

Brazilian graphic designer Vitor Willemann creates beautiful nature-inspired illustrations, many of which are monochromatic, though occasionally in color.

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SS officer uniforms and greatcoat. This is what Mitch Edwards would have worn in the beginning of Daisies Are Forever.

National Socialist (Nazi) Party uniforms designed by German designer, Hugo Boss (yes, founder of the Hugo Boss brand that still exists today)