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Young american literature teacher posing for a photoshooting in a lazy sunday afternoon. A bella with kissable lips. The "parking of eyeglasses " are totally erotic.

Johny the mule

Once a rainy melancholic sunday afternoon Johny the laptop sticker mule made the decision and emigrated to his wonderland.


A snapshot about a bunch of absolut vodka bottles.


General Discussion > Khaos: The Lost Frontier

Pontiac Catalina

Curbside Classic : Pontiac Catalina 1963 - sexiest big car of its own time.

Hoam - Heim

A blurred long shutter speed action photo about the traffic in a late night . The highway is one of the most crowded in Central Europe.


621 glasses and 35 bottles on one picture after a guest battle in the western gastronomy industry.

death valley nemzeti park california usa 2011 and my friend

Death Valley National Park is a national park in the U. states of California and Nevada located east of the Sierra Nevada, occupying an interface zone between the arid Great Basi.

Arches UTAH 2011 and my friend in focus

Photographer Marsel van Oosten has a true eye for beauty, expertly capturing the magnificence of nature.

Sambucus or elderberry shot with macro stick 02

The cream-colored, flowering tops are harvested in late spring and the purple-black berries are picked in mid-summer to early autumn.

HDR Opel Insignia

HDR Picture of an Opel Insignia (from Latin insigne = the emblem/coat of arms) is a large family car engineered and produced by the German automaker Opel.