Horváth Viktória

Horváth Viktória

Horváth Viktória
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Pulling a sled :: winter :: Alpenstrasse

Letter from Santa, fully personalised letter from Father Christmas to your children. Santa Claus letter to your kids, also for young children

May 9, 2015 credence \KREED-ns\ noun. 1. belief as to the truth of something. 2. something giving a claim to belief or confidence.

When I close my eyes, I can almost feel the snowflakes falling, melting on my face; their iciness warming my heart. Winter will always be a cherished season. I feel close to my Heavenly Father when I am surrounded by the silence of a snowfall.

Memories they will always remember...

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My family used to cut down our Christmas tree every year out in the woods. It always includes a winter picnic. One of my favorite childhood memories.

Christmas tree at night - I very much love the wall paneling, brick fireplace, and wire basket, even more than the beautiful decorations

Gorgeous rustic glam style Christmas decor with a lovely sparkly metallic tree and sparkling snowy Christmas mantel decor. Less clutter allows the TREE to SHINE ❗️

.friends .....fierce and gentle

Isbjørn å pike (Polar bear and girl)

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"Here comes Santa Claus. here comes Santa Claus. right down Santa Claus…

you know you're a canadian when... #CDNGetaway

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