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Campsosternus mirabilis ~ Metallics ~ Still big on the run ways and gaining in makeup.try a quality lipstick ~ for pop and bling! Worn by yr olds.but, I have seen 50 year olds pull it off ~ SO HAVE FUN AND EXPERIMENT


❄☃ Seasons ❄☃❄ Winter Wonderland ☃❄ The pair of Siberian Lynx pointer cats getting in the festive spirit after being snapped wearing reindeer antlers


Look at that face.looks just like my Rocket girl.don't make me proove it

crescentmoon animalia

I used to have a rubber pen in the shape of a fish. One day Dweezil removed it from the pen pot and wandered round the flat with it firmly clamped between his jaws.

Awwww Cats

The Surprise Kiss More of a surprise lick, actually, which is both harder to pull off and vastly more unpleasant.

Cuddle buddies.

Everything's better when we're together. I always told my Mom that our doxie Oscar Meyer needed a lil friend just like him!

Relationship goals

A collection of cute animals and stuff from around the web, they are all cute and they are all Wuvely

Plum Pretty Sugar

Those beautiful & sweet geese, ZsaZsa Bellagio – Like No Other: Pretty Stuff