Ilona Varga-Dudás

Ilona Varga-Dudás

Hungary / Female, atheist, INTP, Enneagram 5w6
Ilona Varga-Dudás
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There's usually never an appropriate reason to hit anyone, but having a vagina doesn't make you a magically fragile creature that can't take a punch. Woman pulls a knife on you? Knock her out.

There is no such thing as a weekend Nazi. Or a weekend white supremacist. If you stand with the enemies of human decency, you don't deserve a regular life.

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After reading a wikihow article, you can now fly a commercial plane with at least 100 people on it. You don't need training anymore, just replace it with reading a wikihow article which is clearly knowledgeable and you should be good to go WOO

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