Ilona Varga-Dudás

Ilona Varga-Dudás

Hungary / Female, atheist, INTP, Enneagram 5w6
Ilona Varga-Dudás
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There is no such thing as a weekend Nazi. Or a weekend white supremacist. If you stand with the enemies of human decency, you don't deserve a regular life.

So naive to believe that an organization deciding what makes a "side" awful is not propaganda. Viewers/readers of news don't need to be told what's wrong and right and if you think they do you are the problem.

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After reading a wikihow article, you can now fly a commercial plane with at least 100 people on it. You don't need training anymore, just replace it with reading a wikihow article which is clearly knowledgeable and you should be good to go WOO

You don't need to be super brave to walk at night. If you work the night shift, that doesn't garentee that you'll get sniped as a woman. Plenty of women don't live in crime ridden inner cities or in horror movies.