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Overwatch,Blizzard,Blizzard Entaper, Sombra, Widowmaker: The TRUE path to villainy

It's more likely that it's fingers but this is hilarious

So if Pink got the legs, Blue and Yellow have the arms, does that mean White has a head, and maybe they all connect into a communal torso ship?<<<< and it's like their secret diamond base but I guess there aren't any legs on it these days lmao

Miranda sings- frozen lol that would be wierd could u imagine let it goooo let it goooooo in Miranda's ongoing voice lol

Miranda sings- frozen bahahahaha "let it gooowwwwwwowowowow" (miranda voice) omds if they made a miranda movie i would be so happy

I can't handle this.

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Miranda is Snow White! LOL!

Instagram Post by Miranda Sings (@mirandasingsofficial)

I took this quiz, I got Snow White! It's a quiz on which Disney princess you're most like.

Miranda Sings is Snow White & the Seven Dwarves! LOL!

Print color drawing : Famous-characters - Walt-Disney - Snow-White-and-the-Seven-Dwarfs number 695353