It's more likely that it's fingers but this is hilarious

So if Pink got the legs, Blue and Yellow have the arms, does that mean White has a head, and maybe they all connect into a communal torso ship?<<<< and it's like their secret diamond base but I guess there aren't any legs on it these days lmao

Miranda sings- frozen lol that would be wierd could u imagine let it goooo let it goooooo in Miranda's ongoing voice lol

Miranda sings- frozen bahahahaha "let it gooowwwwwwowowowow" (miranda voice) omds if they made a miranda movie i would be so happy

Miranda is Snow White! LOL!

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Miranda Sings is Snow White & the Seven Dwarves! LOL!

Print color drawing : Famous-characters - Walt-Disney - Snow-White-and-the-Seven-Dwarfs number 695353