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Jászai-Deák Lili

Jászai-Deák Lili
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Hello girls, do you want to adorn you nails but you do not have any experience with nail art? Okay girls, before deciding to wear fake nail designs, you had better look at some easy nail designsbelow. I bet that you do not need to go to a beauty salon for them. They are really simple and practicable at home. Girls, for your first project, you can begin from the simplest nail designs. There are many ideas you can apply to adorn your nails with simple but nice nail arts.

When the summer comes, women start adding more colors to their image, and summer nail designs become brighter, too. If you are interested in fashion, then you should know what your nails should look like this summer.

OMBRE NAILS :: Pink Ombre Nails :: Thumb to Pinky: Gelish Less Talk, Gelish Gossip Girl, Shellac Hot Pop Pink, Gelish Take Action, Gelish Pink Smoothie | #msbeautybee

Want for my toes! Pink Ombre Nails Base Colors: Gelish Less Talk (Thumb), Gelish Gossip Girl (Index), Shellac Hot Pop Pink (Middle), Gelish Take Action (Ring), Gelish Pink Smoothie (Pinky)

Adorable ombre nails by @gottahavepolish using Whats Up Nails x-pattern stencils from whatsupnails.com (link in bio). Shipping worldwide! Whats Up Nails tape, stickers and stencils, Creative Shop stampers, MoYou-London stamping plates, Pure Color brushes and watermarble tool, Dazzle Dry nail polishes, liquid nail tape Liquid Palisade by Kiesque, Mont Bleu glass files, SnapTats jewelry tattoos, NCLA nail wraps and nail polishes are available on whatsupnails.com (click link in bio)

Adorable ombre nails by using Whats Up Nails x-pattern stencils…♡Beauty and makeup products available from Posh Beautique, our store brings international makeup brands right to your doorstep