KΓ­ra βš πŸ’šβš πŸ’šβš πŸ’šβš πŸ’šβš 

KΓ­ra βš πŸ’šβš πŸ’šβš πŸ’šβš πŸ’šβš 

KΓ­ra βš πŸ’šβš πŸ’šβš πŸ’šβš πŸ’šβš 
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Fan Art, Star Wars, Big Bang Theory, Jay, The Big Band Theory, Fanart, Starwars

Star Wars, Starwars

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"Zones of privacy" Are you remember?

The Big Bang Theory - - Sheldon's zones of privacy


Dear CBS, WB, cast & anyone on set: I want this much bts for every episode.


Big Bang Theory, The Big Band Theory

The doppler effect

Keep Calm Im The Doppler Effect - Big Bang Theory - Vinyl Decal - via Etsy