Kittii Szűcs

Kittii Szűcs

Kittii Szűcs
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If you are thinking what could be the best tattoo design for your spine, then the moon and its phases is a unique but wonderful tattoo. Moon symbolizes feminine power and subtle strength so it’s the perfect design for you.

Sun and moon tattoo The Moon has been the subject of visual arts, literature, poetry and countless others in the course of human history. Like many of counterparts in the nature – day and night, men and women, male… Continue Reading →

Another "Evolution of the Joker"

They messed the 2004 joker up I couldn't even tell who that was on other pictures. Evolution of The Joker - Jack Nicholson and Mark Hamill (voice) are the best Jokers of all time. All the others are total crap.

THE Joker

A collection of 21 creepy and cool Halloween Face Painting Ideas that range from disney to fairy to creepy. Halloween Face Painting adds to every costume!