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Image - This is a photo featuring true-to-life intensity and hue. She's lit from an amber uplight practical, with a cool high beam back light and high beam side lights at a low intensity.

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Could you hear the whisper of the flow of this river? I could, it says spring is on its way, sun is going to heat ground better, day will seem unusually long, night will never seem dark anymore

It had been snowing all morning. I watched as professor Attius Sawyer slept. Last night was the last night of my childhood. My innocence. Was it worth it? Was he really the one I wanted to turn my back against faith for? I grinned, of course.

I found these vintage boots a few years ago at a flea market and fell in love with them at first sight. I wasn& supposed to be buying new clothes because I was in the process of moving to Ireland and