Dóra Lukácsi

Dóra Lukácsi

Dóra Lukácsi
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The Olivia Palermo Lookbook

Effortless: Olivia dressed her neck with a thin black string choker, which tied underneath her chin, and her face with a pair of incredibly glamorous white-rimmed shades


NOVEMBER 2014 Olivia Palermo bundled up to brave the NYC cold in a teal coat that she layered over a basic white tee and leather pants. A fringed black carryall and studded leopard print loafer slippers rounded out her off-duty ensemble


Northern Flicker (Colaptes auratus) - The northern flicker is a medium-sized member of the woodpecker family. It is native to most of North America, parts of Central America, Cuba, the Cayman Islands, and is one of the few woodpecker species that migrate.