I wish "I wasn't born yet" could be considered an appropriate answer on a history test lol and isn't it Hangul

Mark and Bambam Pre-Debute

Omg Mark and BamBam! >>>you see, I can never tell if this is actually Mark and BamBam or if it's BamBam and his brother. I know that it looks like Mark but don't Mark and Bam Bams brother look alike?

Okay, now, THIS is my new favorite gif! #GOT7 #Mark #Junior

This is just a random book with cute, sexy, and weird kpop gifs. I hope you like them.


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But honestly Jaebum looks so innocent and like a total sweetheart predebut!

Omg this is soooo true everybody thinks I like Justin bieber cause I always say I like JB and its actually Jaebum my loving KPOP idol from and JJ Project