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Yeah I relized I don't ship him with anyone and make him best freinds with everyone

I wish "I wasn't born yet" could be considered an appropriate answer on a history test lol and isn't it Hangul

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Yugyeom and Jackson sharing a moment. first time I find myself jealous of Jackson. he's still a classic and one of the first idols I discovered, but Yugyeom slayed my bias list, hard.

Okay, now, THIS is my new favorite gif! #GOT7 #Mark #Junior

This is just a random book with cute, sexy, and weird kpop gifs. I hope you like them.

Mark and Bambam Pre-Debute

Mark and Bambam Pre-Debute <-- danggg! Look at how small BamBam was ☺️


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But honestly Jaebum looks so innocent and like a total sweetheart predebut!

Omg this is soooo true everybody thinks I like Justin bieber cause I always say I like JB and its actually Jaebum my loving KPOP idol from and JJ Project

...and heres Bam Bam for ya...

and heres Bam Bam for ya. Pre debut Bambam is my spirit animal