It's funny because my friends' phones are always at like at the end of a school day whereas mine is at like (on a good day) and I tell them they need to get a life even though I waste my battery reading manga and fanfictions XD

Funny kpop memes

Wow, you just summed up my entire life story ^o^ Pretty accurate

it's the most cutest gif! Taeyang is so adorable!

it's the cutest gif! Taeyang is so adorable! Literally went "awww" out loud at his, so cute.

Fangirls be like.. Oppaa notice meee :c

Sadly, there was no eye contact at B.P's Atlanta concert last night. xD Update: I did make eye contact with all of at although it was during hi-touch.

My life....

Basically ............

Helpful life advice on how to exit a fandom. My new favorite thing. THERE IS NO EXIT

Jackson and Rap Monster

They're both wearing the same Gucci jacket that Taehyung is most likely very jealous of and is sad that he didn't get to wear it.

True I'm like Hobi cx

Lol truth or just watching videos of Bts and pinning Bts

Lol | Seventeen BTS

Joshua and V ~ From '' Jimin & Suga & Jungkook (my lovers) [BTS] '' xMagic xNinjax 's board ~

I'll run, and then I'll take off to fly. After flying for some times, I'll be landing and run again. Pretty fair, isn't it?


When Ur kpop stuff comes in