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Pictures of the day: 7 May 2014

magicalnaturetour: Kermit the frog shoots a wide beamed grin as its bulbous bloodshot eyes stare into the camera in West Sussex.


Cochranella euknemos Slope-snouted Glass Frog, Cochranella euknemos, a beautiful and uncommon amphibian of Costa Rica, Panama, and N Colombia. By James Christensen.

To see a frog in your dream represents a potential for change or the unexpected. The frog may be a prince in disguise and thus signify transformation, renewal or rebirth. Alternatively, the frog symbolizes uncleanness or fertility.

Cannot wait for mine to get big like this - those eyes!

Gotcha! Backlit photo of a frog hunting and catching a cranefly.

Frog catching cranefly silhouette by William Lee - Photo 89653361 /

Dia Lluvioso

27 superbes images issues du National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2015 (© Ajar Setiadi) - very sweet

Louis Daguerre and the pioneers of photography

Louis Daguerre and the pioneers of photography

frog xray Eduard Valenta and Josef Maria Eder © National Media Museum, Bradford

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