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破魔の射手 | はなだひょう

破魔の射手 | はなだひょう

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Tags: "blonde hair" "dress" "hair band" "purple eyes" "ribbon" "sakura" "short hair" "sword" "tree" Source: "Touhou" Characters: "Konpaku Youmu" Old Characters: Konpaku Youmu Artist: "Miyuki Ruria"

Kitsune by h2so4

alternate costume animal ears bangs brown hair candy crescent moon dress fox ears fox tail highres kitsune leg up lollipop mole mole under eye moon night open mouth outstretched hand parted bangs salt (salty) short hair sita vilosa solo star sword gi


Itami is 99 years old and is a Demon from the Demon world. She is the younger sister of Sakura the sprite.