Rodnás Lijob

Rodnás Lijob

red prehistoric voices in my mind says i'm sick,but i know it since years...i just want to fly like a duckbird! sup pal? :)
Rodnás Lijob
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frozen strawberry bong

hippy's bong Frozen strawberries best way to cold stack the bong. don't smoke but this is cool.

Sweet bong piece #MaryJane #peace

::dream piece::frosted glass::glass addict::bone piece::cool pipes::unique glass::one of a kind::pipes::pieces::spine::amazing::I want::fully packed::kush Lamar::weed::ganja::pot smoking

Image titled Make a Bong from a Liquor Bottle Step 4

How to Make a Bong from a Liquor Bottle. If you're a smoker and you're looking for a fun new way to enjoy your favorite smoking product, look no further than those empty liquor bottles cluttering your grandmother's basement or overflowing.