Jason pulled up his sleeve and Sarah gasped. Cass just looked over and murmured, "Could you ever walk in that door without five new injuries?"

Wish there was color but this picture gives a definite shape to a bruise. Could be very helpful in replicating a long, full bruise.

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"Your hands intrigue me." Halloween froze, fiery gaze snapping upwards from her crouch on the floor. No human being has veins like that.

Fake Injury/Wound Makeup - “Seeing some progress in my sfx skills this felt so weird on my lips haha, made this with grimas cream colors, derma wax and fake blood off course!

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I ate two granola bars, a fortune cookie, two hard boiled eggs, and two bowls of pasta and I only worked out for 30 minutes I definitely gained weight and I hate myself for it