Long Shadow Graphic Styles

Long Shadow Graphic Styles Kit for Illustrator Create long shadow effects in ONE CLICK! Use on live, editable text - no need to convert to outlines. Change colour easily with global swatches.

james joyce

The color of this piece is really eye catching and the texture makes the poster less flat. The color also allows for an asymmetrical design even though the type is centered.



Straight Line Theory Logo from Brad Surcey (What is with Minn. pumping out amazing designers)

I the vibrant colours in London based artist James Joyce‘s prints, and how…

contemporary typography-I ♥ the vibrant colours in London based artist James Joyce‘s prints, and how pop-art and contemporary they look

Puffin Handbook First edition published in 1963.Cover design by Bruce Robertson

Puffin Handbook First Edition cover for 'Change of Life', 1963 (cover artwork by Bruce Robertson)

i like the use of color here. (not so much how the letters overlap) Vibrance!

Graphic design Graphic-ExchanGE - a selection of graphic projects Bear Graphics Type Poster W, type

"Wim Crouwel: A graphic odyssey" Exhibition Poster design | typography / graphic…

"Wim Crouwel: A graphic odyssey" Exhibition Poster, Design Museum, London, Designed by Spin, 2011 Simple yet interesting visual

25 stunning logos for your inspiration

Logo inspiration

I put this on my mood board because I really like this logo. There seems to me a lot going on but it is really just a bunch of curved lines, with breaks in the lines when the line gets straight.