This reminds me of Patch and Nora from Hush, Hush even though it is nothing like the two of them...

This is beautiful gothic guardian angel romantic valentines day art photography image for card to make or wall art

~Gothic Art

As a child I begged all of you to leave me alone. Slapped for saying please. 1975 ,I will not rest until each of you there and who profited from those 3 months of beatings taste it in your mouth/being until it rots.

Mihaly von Zichy (1827-1906), "Romantic Encounter"   Now THAT'S a Spiritual Experience!

Mihaly von Zichy "Romantic Encounter" Medium: pencil, brush and ink and white heightening on paper Creation Date: 1864 Private Collection, Berlin

Azazel, Angel of Sacrifices

The Watchers

ArtStation - Azazel, Angel of Sacrifices, Peter Mohrbacher / Reference for Final Boss Azazel

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Inspiration for Nicolo.  Would be perfect pose for cover!

The Hohlwen are ethereally beautiful fallen angels made of shadow that must live off the life force of others - Zyne witches are their favorite meal.