who belongs to and yes, she is a girl too.just thought I'd throw that out there the pacing of this page is a little iffy but eh Kiara's Reign Chapter 2 - Page 10


the reality is really crashing down on her now though I must say this page was a lot harder to plan out and I'm not entirely happy about how it turned out Kiara's Reign Chapter 2 - Page 13

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he's such a a frightening sort of way. I know it's "led" not "lead" don't bother pointing it out, I won't be able to change it anytime soo. Kiara's Reign Chapter 2 - Page 9

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man this guy sure likes his hair gel, he could give Koda and Mheetu a run for their money Kiara's Reign Chapter 2 - Page 8


what ho? another page? yeah not much going on in this one but whatever XD don't start nit-picking on how Leah seems to be fully recovered, she's not Kiara's Reign Chapter 2 - Page 11

The Lion King : Kiara's Reign.

yeah, as you can see, I have decided to redo my Kiara's Reign poster since two characters on the old one are no longer being used in it, I have switched. The Lion King - Kiara's Reign poster (redone)

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squirm my readers, SQUIIIIIIRRRRRM! just kidding, just kidding XD but yes, I certainly like to drag things out Kiara's Reign Page 37

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keep fighting you guys, Asha will save the day! oooh, the suspense XD I love it when nasty Kiara's Reign Page 31