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Misha Collins talking about Jared Padalecki's pranks where he lets air out of his tires before he goes home after late nights of shooting.

okay so first of all, Lost is NOT just a "normal tv show" trust me these two shows are amazinng

Did you just call Lost a normal tv show? Plus this behind the scenes of Lost is from the pilot episode, so of course they are all business.

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Interesting: frayed waistline (perfect to show off via tucking fitted shirts in or wearing crop tops.

Jared and Jensen...

I love how after that jared says "you can't say that". They constantly remind each other how to act. 'No I am not Emma Stone' made me laugh so much


[SET OF GIFS] Jared & Jensen convention panel if Jensen hugged him again and JarPad took his T-shirt off. Just sayin'