Yaay, fangirling all the waay!!! :D <3
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“He is a great kisser. There’s a scene that’s been cut out of Titanic where we’re running through the ship’s boiler room and we have this big kiss. It was eight o’clock in the morning and neither of us felt like doing it.We found ourselves doing the scene and we were at it and there was this look that passed between us for a second that sort of said: “Um, not bad for eight o’clock in the morning when you feel you’re about to die from overtiredness.”

“He is a great kisser. There’s a scene that’s been cut out of Titanic where…

Funny idea

Funny idea, and also a good point about oversimplification of fictional cultures<<<also brings up the question: what if the aliens are confused by these questions?

I would sooo read this ❤ (credits to the artist)

I cover I made for PJO/HoO. If you have an idea for a new cover, comment! I'd love to make a new one! I do not own any of the pictures used, especially that awesome Percabeth cosplay. Only the edit. By you are awesome XD

HAHAHAHAHAHA I can see this happening! Then after hugging the dog he'd be like "Umm yeah you can go now . I'm not even an actual cop..."

percy would so do this. or he's say "Ill tell you what, let me pet your dog and i will let this one slide.

We are going to NY this summer and are going to tell the desk manager that we have an appointment on the 600th floor.

Omg so true I never thought of it but how many children I wonder have begged the front desk maneger to allow them to see olympus on the 600 floor!