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This shit aint easy..dont look for the easy way out..Nobody wants to work hard these days. Everybody wants, the easy way, the 20 minute abs, the 10 minute this.. FUCK THAT! … Come to the gym, work your ass off, EARN IT (http://mega-car.net/svetski-mega-ca

business start, what to start my own business, which small business to start - Doing what I decided to do has been the biggest challenge I've endured. But seeing my clothes fit differently, I know it's so worth it

Just a kiss is all I wanted

This is how you kiss me everytime! Oh how I can't wait till your home. Your Babygirl loves you and I will soon be kissing you and caressing you too. Falling asleep in your arms. Waking to your kiss, smile and , I love you my Beautiful Babygirl.