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JackoBonnie by xNIR0x on DeviantArt

Well Marky is going to have a jako of fun This is really going to bright up his night funny enough i have been craving eggs

go marionette, go marionette, it's your birthday

go marionette, go marionette, it's your birthday; this is for everyone a part of my FNAF collab board so they don't have to

Fnaf animatronics shaming... XD >> 'I exist' XD

someone give springtraps sign to purple guy. Springtrap did nothing wrong he is precious. Purple guy is the real asshat here

Five Nights at Freddy's

Foxy coming for dat booty ! Gets to the door opens it . Bonnie : Who invited this party pooper . Foxy : Bae why ! Fangirl : Because I want both of you .) Freddy and Chica : WTF ? Thats what my mind thought of when I saw this .