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Alka malá (Alca torda) Razorbill

Razorbills (Alca torda) are a North Atlantic ocean bird. The spend most of the year at sea, but come to shores as far south as Maine for breeding. They mate for life. Also found in Atlantic Europe.

Cathedral Of St. Cecilia. Albi, France

Cathedral Of St. Cecilia. Albi, France

Elephant Ear ‘Thai Giant’ (Colocasia gigantea) - Summer Sale Plants - Specials

Elephant Ear ‘Thai Giant’ (Colocasia gigantea) Large, huge, or enormous are just some of the words used to describe this Colocasia. Truly representative of Elephants Ears this Thai Giant is a variety that won’t disappoint you with is majestic

ファイル 508-1.png もっと見る

This picture best describes me, as I have a passion for art and drawing and I love to be creative. The reason I chose a picture of a zebra is because I absoltely love animals.