Hungarian revolution 1956

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Hungarian Revolution Of 1956. The fighter holds a captured Soviet 2nd production type AK-47.
1956 Revolution against USSR - no one came to help Hungary, the world sat by and ignored the cries for help...sad day!
Rákóczi út Budapest
Hungarian Revolution 1956
OPPRESION Russian tanks rolling into Budapest to squelch the Hungarian Uprising October 1956 © Erich Lessing
Hungarian Revolution of 1956. Resistance fighter pointing machine gun out of a car, captured from security police, during popular uprising against Communist-backed government.© Time Inc.Michael Rougier
ERICH LESSING - HUNGARIAN REVOLUTION 1956 --- On Koeztarsasag Square members of the insurrection burning soviet flags. More photos here:
The Freedom Fight: a chronicle of Hungary’s 1956 Revolution |
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